Chairman's Speak

Dear friends, supporters and colleagues of Ganga Social Foundation, 'Towards Total Community Development' is the philosophy on which 'Ganga Social Foundation (GSF)' was formed in the year 2003 and since then this philosophy is followed in each project and activity by every member of GSF and we always work hard to achieve our goal of overall community development. All these years, GSF has worked extensively on various issues and developed its capacity in planning, implementation and management of social development projects.

You will be happy to know that we have entered the Fifteen year of our operations in December 2019. As we turn 16, we will be establishing a roadmap to a bold new course, starting newer and more challenging programs, and bringing in newer partners, while carrying with us our existing commitments and long-standing partners. We look forward to having you with us as we journey to a better world for all.

We had started our journey with the Education project in 2004 under UEE Mission Mission under Govr of NCT of Delhi and in 2007 we started sanitation project in Faridabad under MCF and now we are able to spread our work in three states (Delhi, Haryana & Punjab) on issues. Hard work and completion of activities as per the contract is our USP and we are privileged that MCF, DSACS,HSACS, PSACS NTPC SAIL, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Smile Foundation, NISD Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment has recognized and trusted on our hard work and continued partnership with us throughout these years. We are lucky to have such hardworking staff in our organization, who worked hard to win the faith of our supporters, donors and funders and satisfy them with positive results.

Now we have successfully completed our existing projects and reached 2,300 HRGs (FSWS, MSMs & IDUs) through TI Project, 1,000 residents of Faridabad through sanitation project and 400 women & adolescent Boys & Girls through skill development project.

At last we would like to express gratitude to all friends, volunteers, supporters, donors and funders who helped us and are helping us to achieve our goal of overall community development. We are always open for support and suggestions and requesting friends and well-wishers for providing their suggestions and support for future, looking forward to partner with likeminded organizations who want to contribute in 'total community development'.

With warm wishes
General Secretary, Ganga Social Foundation


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