Outreach and Drop In Centre (ODIC) for Drug Abuse Prevention under NISD

The National Institute of Social Defence start a program under NATIONAL ACTION PLAN FOR DRUG DEMAND REDUCTION (NAPDDR for 2018-2025), therein organisations work for "undertaking focused/targeted Intervention Programmes" in remaining 66 identified districts across the country with an aim to reach adolescents and youth in the Community for creating awareness about the harmful effects of Drug Abuse and encourage the drug dependent persons to seek treatment.


i. To conduct outreach activities among vulnerable adolescents and youth in community for prevention of drug abuse

ii. To provide safe and secure drop-in space for drug users in the community having the provision of screening, assessment and counselling

iii. To provide referral and linkage to treatment and rehabilitation services for drug dependents.


1 The project will reach out to vulnerable drug users in the vicinity of the proposed centre.

2 The drug dependent persons are expected to avail the services of the centre as it is accessible in the community thereby improving their well being.

3 The vulnerable adolescents & youth and drug users in the community will be equipped with information and education on harmful effects of drug use.

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